The Plancus

Plancus is a company specializing in the implementation of projects under measure high standard of quality for the markets in architecture, design and decoration.

Executed from the panels, bulkheads, linings, ceilings and artistic special structure.

Works with commercial and residential construction, all executive projects.


High level of customization within the required standard in furniture making.


We are manufacturers of high-end furniture, performing design and implementation of elements of decoration and finishing for construction following the main international trends in design and materials in architecture.

Our clients are assisted in all his desires in terms of customization within an agreed timeframe.

We work with high-performance engineering.

Culture Points


I give 100% of me in everything I do until I succeed. I am committed to the vision, mission and culture of plancus with his current team and future as well as with their customers.


I always tell the truth. I keep that promise. I only make agreements I am willing to meet. Communicate potential breaches of agreements at the earliest opportunity and I clear up all at once.


I live a balanced life, not forgetting the familiar aspects, spiritual, social and physical are important as the intellectual and financial. Seeking to manage my time working with rigor in order to save quality time for myself and my family.


I am truly responsible for my actions and their consequences, as well as everything that happens in my professional and personal life.


Well not enough. My products and services are always of the highest quality and will add long term value and everyone involved. Look for ways to make at least a path of constant and continuous improvement and innovation.


I always speak positively of the members of my team, my clients and plancus in public or private. Always show good intentions in my speech, speaking stimulating and constructive. I will never use or give attention to sarcasm or gossip. I'll take what is said, how true I did and take responsibility for responses to my communication.


Totally focus my thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of whatever I do. I want to get involved in relationships of mutuality: win / win. Exibirei my pride, prosperity, competence and confidence. I am a successful person.


I learn from my mistakes. I consistently learn and grow to help members and my team and my clients to also do the same. Formed will act as a supporting my clients in their process of decision making in order to improve their future. Shall wear pragmatic information and knowledge, not just theory.


I am a leader and a team worker. Show the maximum effort to keep teams together around the goals. Seeking cooperation and I concentrate on solutions, not commitments. Seeking help when you need the same way that I will be willing to help those in need.

10 FUN:

I see my life as a journey that must be assessed and, therefore, seek to create, my back, an atmosphere of fun and happiness for all can also listen to it.


I always try the solutions in the system. Faced with a problem, try to fix the system in place to correct people. I bring all the innovations in the system, to remain effective, and suggest improvements where possible.


Am I consistent in my choices for my clients and partners know how to tell when dealing with me. I am disciplined in my work also for my results, growth and success are consistent.


I am a truly grateful. Manifesto-often and in many ways, so that everyone around me know how much I appreciate that and I have in my life. I celebrate my success and that of those around me.


I am a lucky person and I deserve my abundance, as well as give and receive, and with ease. I receive abundance in all areas of my life, respecting the worth and that others earn. I feel rewarding in that create wealth for others and I accept that my wealth has the level I deserve.