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Plancus is a company specialized in the execution of bespoke projects with high quality standards for the architecture, design and decoration markets.

It performs from furniture to panels, partitions, coatings, artistic linings and special structures.

Works with commercial and residential works, all using executive projects.


We meet the wishes of our customers in the creation of exclusive projects in wood.


We are among the largest manufacturers of high-end wooden projects in the world.


The sublime lives in me.

It manifests itself when what I imagine becomes reality. It is present in the textures, in the smell of wood, in the grandeur of contemplating each new creation. new creation.

The sublime lives in nature

That’s where inspiration comes from, respect for life and the certainty that everything that is full of details for the senses to discover, first of all, is simple in essence. And how it is. Infinite.



I give 100% of myself in everything I do, I always tell the truth and keep what I promise. I am responsible for my actions and their consequences, as well as for everything that happens in my life.

team work

I am faithful to my team and work every day for my teammates. I am humble to learn and solicitous to teach. I always speak positively of my team members, my clients and Plancus in public or in private.

life in balance

Sou uma pessoa verdadeiramente grata e levo uma vida equilibrada e de qualidade, sabendo que os aspectos familiares, espirituais, sociais e físicos são tão importantes quando os intelectuais e financeiros. Mantenho uma atmosfera de alegria e diversão para que todos possam aproveitar a caminhada junto comigo.

continuous improvement

When faced with a problem, I am proactive and act at the root, thinking about fixing it before the system than people. I work with discipline and consistency so that my clients and partners fully trust my service.


Good is not enough. My aim is excellence in all areas of life.
I do more with less and I believe that, for me to win, no one needs to lose. I am proud of all the abundance that I have conquered and I share it in the same as I receive.


We are the high-end wood project industry that offers world-class quality with the unique creativity of Brazil.


Marcar a historia de famílias por gerações, moldando o cenário onde acontecem os momentos mais importantes de suas vidas.